Somizi hits back at criticism that he shouldn’t joke about the taxi strike because people lost their livelihoods

27 June 2020 - 10:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Somizi Mhlongo's taxi strike joke didn't land well with everyone.
Somizi Mhlongo's taxi strike joke didn't land well with everyone.
Image: Instagram/Somizi

Some jokes just don't land in the expected manner on social media, and that is exactly what happened when Somizi made a joke about Monday's taxi strike.

SomG has a winning sense of humour and always manages to see the lighter side of most hectic situations. So when he saw picture of parked taxis (include ghetto G63 aka Venture that almost matches the colour of his car), he saw an opportunity to share what he thought was a harmless joke with his followers.

"When my boss asks why I'm late for work and I tell him I'm stuck at the taxi strike and he asks for a pic as proof .....nazo boss that's my gvagon" he said.

Most people got the joke and reacted accordingly. However, a few people  didn't find the joke funny. One follower called Somizi out for the "bad joke".

"Bad joke. People’s livelihoods are affected by this," the follower said.

"Don't laugh then," Somizi hit back, to which his other followers joined in.

There was a general consensus in the comment section that Somizi's joke was a winner and that the follower really should just "move along" if it rubs her up the wrong way.

LOL, jokes are always risky on these social streets!