Ntando Duma defends having a birthday party with family under lockdown

30 June 2020 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Ntando Duma has told her critics to sit down.
Ntando Duma has told her critics to sit down.
Image: Instagram/Duma Ntando

Actress Ntando Duma has shrugged off criticism after she hosted a lavish birthday party for her daughter, while the country is still under lockdown.

As the death and infection rate due to the coronavirus rise at an alarming rate, and personal visits to family and friends remain prohibited, Ntando took to Twitter to share snaps of the party she and Junior de Rocka had thrown for their little one, Sbahle.

Pictures from the cute Frozen- themed party showed space for eight people, and at least four adults, including Ntando and Junior.

While most fans were impressed with the décor and showered praise on Ntando, others pointed out that hospitals were struggling to cope with Covid-19 infections and throwing a party was “irresponsible”.

Ntando responded to the criticism on Monday, confirming that she had family over for the celebration, but said everyone “had stayed covered and protected while at it”.

“For those who were/are concerned and in disbelief that we (Sbahle’s dad & I) hosted our daughter her dream birthday celebration during lockdown. Yes! We definitely did that with family members as we stayed covered and protected while at it.”

She told those concerned to “focus”.

The star said she wished she could have had more friends over for the party, and said her 25th birthday would be “big” if the lockdown is lifted by August.

She told her critics to not be “fooled by décor and say we risked our lives and health for some fun”, and said her child could have what she wants.