Nyaniso Dzedze’s wife gushes over his role in Beyoncé's #BlackIsKing

01 July 2020 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Yana is No 1 cheerleader for her husband, actor Nyaniso Dzedze.
Yana is No 1 cheerleader for her husband, actor Nyaniso Dzedze.
Image: Instagram/Nyaniso Dzedze

Actor Nyaniso Dzedze has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be part of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's upcoming film, Black Is King, which celebrates black excellence.

The film and the visual album version of The Lion King: The Gift features a few South African artists and creatives, including Nyaniso.

He thanked his God and ancestors for aligning him with the project.

"There hasn't been a more important time to remind us who and what we are. So much gratitude for this gift to the world. I thank and honour my guides, abaphansi, izinyanya for being apart of the message," Nyaniso said.

His wife Yana Fay Dzedze, who is his number one cheerleader, couldn't hold back just how proud she is of her beau. She took to Instagram to gush about his work.

"This is my husband. This is a proud black man who walks with his ancestors, who dreams of making a difference in this world. ⁣⁣This isn't a moment, it's a trajectory, it's a path, it's a way of life - a way of believing in what is possible."

Yana expressed her pride in her hubby for the work he has done on himself to ensure his wildest dreams become a reality, and that his people can be inspired by one of their own to rise and fulfill their potential.

"I have watched Nyaniso pour himself into healing and hoping. I have heard his many prayers for his people to rise with him. I have come to closely know his desire for African stories to be celebrated and held high by the world. I have watched him tussle with his insides to better himself, every single day, for these dreams to become reality," she gushed.⁣⁣

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