WATCH | Coconut Kelz addresses racism in 'legacy' schools

02 July 2020 - 08:00
Coconut Kelz addressed racism at schools in a satirical video.
Coconut Kelz addressed racism at schools in a satirical video.
Image: Twitter/@CoconutKelz

Comedian and satirist Lesego Tlhabi, better known as Coconut Kelz, has posted another video dealing with racism in schools that prioritise their “heritage and legacy” over the lives of their black students.

The comedian recently spoke out about the alleged racism and perceived institutionalised prejudice she experienced at the high school she attended, St Anne's Diocesan College. She took to Twitter on Tuesday to satirically address the same issue.

“You people just need to be grateful instead of disrespecting the bricks. Schools have feelings (black girls don’t)! School reputation (is bigger than) black lives. The real racism is black people being allowed to play sports and being really good,” she captioned her video.

In the video Kelz ridiculed some of the things a typical racist within institutionalised school grounds was most likely to be heard saying.

“The truth is African people just don't like rules ... there, I said it!”

“I've really been so embarrassed, so ashamed of all the stories that are coming out of our schools ... well not the stories, more the fact that you are sharing these stories. Like, how dare you? These things are supposed to stay secret! Like what you guys are doing is so like unacceptable ..." 

“Especially you rich black girls, like you guys should be showing gratitude instead of like ... complaining about a little bit of psychologically damaging racism,” she said.

Listen to the rest of the video below.