Levels! Black Coffee shows off his luxurious ride

04 July 2020 - 16:00
Black Coffee loves his big boy toys.
Black Coffee loves his big boy toys.
Image: Via Black Coffee Instagram

DJ Black Coffee recently shared a snap of his luxurious vehicle, which reminded his followers of his impressive car collection and the level he plays at financially.

The humble DJ, who is world renowned and has the finances to back the title up, hardly ever brags about his riches, but his latest post of one of his luxury cars was a subtle reminder to those who may have forgotten that he's way above most people's league.

Black Coffee has worked hard for all his big boy toys and more than a DJ, he's become a formidable businessman and made major money making inspirational moves like owning a stake in Gallo Music Investments.

Guess it's true, life will always throw some lemons or sharp curves at ya, but it sure is better to endure those curves from a comfortable Merc or Porsche!

Check out Black Coffee's luxury car collection.

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