Kayise Ngqula on her husband's passing: 'I'm grateful for the support that I received from my family'

05 July 2020 - 12:00
TV presenter Kayise Ngqula talks about the love and support that she got from her family, friends and South Africa
TV presenter Kayise Ngqula talks about the love and support that she got from her family, friends and South Africa
Image: Mzansi Magic

Former Our Perfect Wedding presenter and actress Kayise Ngqula has once again reflected on the pain of losing her husband Farai Sibanda a year ago.

The pair were involved in a terrible car accident which left them both hospitalised.

Kayise touched on the days following her husband's death in an episode on her new YouTube channel After Dark with Kayise and thanking her family for the love and support they showed her during the difficult times.

“My mother, you could see she was taking a strain having to care of me and my little eight-month-old baby. She did it with such grace, commitment and love. I remember bawling my eyes out when she looked at me and said, 'I wish I could take away your pain'.”

Kayise said that her mother helped nurture her back to full health after the accident, because she could not walk, bath myself or drive.

“When we came back from the funeral I think is when I really felt the love and support from my family, friends and most certainly of SA. I probably would have never  made it without my family”.

She was amazed at how the family never got tired or grew weary.

She boldly said they are the reason she is standing today and she admires their love and support.

Speaking on an earlier episode, Kayise recounted the moment she regained consciousness after the accident, and how her husband fought to stay alive.

“There was commotion, the doctors, paramedics and anyone who needed to be there to attend to us, it was then that I asked, 'Where are we and what's happened?' I was then informed by the doctors we'd been in a car accident and that we were quite injured ...

“But I looked to my right, my husband was hysterical, fighting off anyone who touched him ... he didn't want to be touched and attended to, he kept screaming my name ... I then told him we're going to be OK.”

She said, at the time, she couldn't understand why he couldn't wake up. “I asked him and begged him to wake up ... I needed to hear him talk.”

Two months after the accident, Kayise shared an emotional video on Instagram of the couple tying the knot at their traditional wedding, and promised to preserve their love.