IN MEMES | Fans are here for Jub Jub stirring the pot on 'Uyajola'

06 July 2020 - 11:00
Jub Jub is the host of Moja Love's reality show 'Uyajola'.
Jub Jub is the host of Moja Love's reality show 'Uyajola'.
Image: Instagram/ Jub Jub

Like a child in the naughty corner, fans think Uyajola host Jub Jub Maarohanye has been stirring up trouble on the show and often makes the situation worse.

The star had fans rolling on the floor with laughter during Sunday night's episode of the Cheaters-like show when he could be heard interrupting a confrontation by repeating “six months”.

The star was also applauded by fans when he diffused a potentially explosive situation after a confrontation led the team to a taxi rank.

Several taxi owners tried to put a stop to the show, leading to a tense standoff and the team retreating.

Jub Jub was hailed by many for his “maturity”.

His name was soon trending on Twitter, where it remained until Monday morning with fans flooding the service with memes about the star.

Check out some of our favs.

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