IN MEMES | 'Skeem Saam' fans are sure that Kwaito & Glenda are entangled in Mpumalanga!

14 July 2020 - 18:00
Kwaito (middle) had to choose between Lizzy (right) and Glenda (left)... again!
Kwaito (middle) had to choose between Lizzy (right) and Glenda (left)... again!
Image: Skeem Saam via Twitter

While Skeem Saam viewers have no doubt that Kwaito has a lot of “trashy” behaviour when it comes to relationships, they haven't been able to figure out exactly who he is in an entanglement with and who he's actually in love with.

The popular entanglement term, as made famous by Jada Pinkett-Smith and her Red Table Talk show, has been described as a “mock relationship” by tweeps. It is apparently something that looks like a relationship, smells and even tastes like real love but it is actually a 'situationship' where only one party knows the real deal.

So fans have been trying to figure out if Kwaito is in love with Glenda or Lizzy. The obvious choice would be Lizzy since he's actually chosen her over Glenda before. However, now that he's actually cheating on her with Glenda (again) fans are not too sure.

The problem is no-one can say for certain that Glenda is the one that Kwaito truly loves because currently her cellphone number is saved as “Thabo Maputla” and even though he may be spending his birthday weekend with her instead of Lizzy he's still hiding her like a bad STI.

Kwaito entanglements are really confusing for fans but they are obvs here for the drama!