LISTEN | Uncertain times for artists working in the entertainment industry

16 July 2020 - 10:06 By Modiegi Mashamaite
DJ Besim says more opportunities should be given to female artists and DJs.
DJ Besim says more opportunities should be given to female artists and DJs.
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Friday catch-up sessions and weekend nights out have turned into Zoom meetings with a cup of ginger and lemon concoctions. 

Since the implementation of lockdown, the entertainment industry has been put on standby as human contact is prohibited.

Listen to DJ Phodiso and DJ Faith Mzobe's experiences under lockdown

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Online platforms, however, have seen a huge surge with more people streaming online to listen to their favourite DJs and interact with them on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Live.

This has been the only way DJs and artists have been able to stay afloat during this uncertain and difficult period.

DJ and podcast producer Phodiso said this gives an unfair advantage to DJs who have equipment to entertain viewers online. 

"Many DJs do not have that equipment which makes it more difficult for them to interact online with their fans, and the reality is they could soon be forgotten."

Mzobe, better known as DJ Besim, said this is the time for people who are leading the entertainment scene to apply changes that will give women and underground artists fair opportunities.

"The changes I would like to see in the entertainment industry would be the incorporation of female artists without any requests for illegitimate favours. We are living in uncertainty as we don't know where our next paycheque will come from," said DJ Besim.