Cassper goes on another Samas rant, offers comfort to 'snubbed' artists

'I feel their pain because they took away a moment I could never get back'

17 July 2020 - 10:00 By chrizelda kekana
Cassper Nyovest spoke candidly about his disregard for the Samas.
Cassper Nyovest spoke candidly about his disregard for the Samas.
Image: Via Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

While he claims not to care, rapper Cassper Nyovest's TL has been filled with awards and Samas talk, and on Thursday he had a full-on rant about how the awards are worthless and how his signee, Nadia Nakai, should have bagged a nomination.

Cassper stopped submitting his music for consideration at the awards after his hit track Doc Shebeleza was not nominated for Song of the Year in 2015.

Since then, year after year, around this time the rapper explains repeatedly why the Samas are worthless and why he will never reconsider his decision.

It's been half a decade now and Cassper is still convinced recognition from the Samas is irrelevant for an artist.

"You actually don't (need recognition from them), but artists hurt 'cause they work hard and I feel their pain 'cause they took away a moment from me that I could never get back. I then decided I would show them I would make it without the Samas, and look at me today. Rather work to win fans than to win awards."

For the rapper, it is way better to focus on winning yourself more fans as an artist as opposed to wanting to be recognised by an institution such as the Samas.

"Rather work to win new fans than work to win new awards. My advice to everyone who didn't get nominated and feels cheated: a strong fan base is way more valuable than a full cabinet. They love you when you are new and then they find a replacement when you dominate too much."

This year Cassper also took up the position of consoling everyone who complained about being snubbed by the awards. He offered a shoulder to lean on, as he has experience in the field, to musicians such as Matorokisi hitmaker Makhadzi, Nadia and R&B singer Ayanda Jiya.

"Nadia Nakai shoulda been nominated for Best Hip Hop album at the Samas. I don't know if it's 'cause she a female or what, but she dropped a great body of work and looking at the albums that made it, she at least deserved a nomination. My 2 cents."

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