Sophie Lichaba heartbroken that she can't visit family: 'We're limited to love and video calls'

18 July 2020 - 13:00
By Deepika Naidoo
Sophie Lichaba gets emotional with us about missing family
Image: Instagram/Sophie Lichaba Sophie Lichaba gets emotional with us about missing family

Generations actress Sophie Lichaba has opened up on Instagram about not being able to visit her loved-ones due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The actress was in her late mother's hometown this week for business but couldn't visit her ill uncle and aunt.

In an emotional Instagram post, the star said she was devastated at not being able to see the ones she loved

“I can’t visit my aunt and uncle and I’m 10 minutes away. Old Age and ill health is that time they need the most support and personal attention” said Sophie.

She said the best she could do at this time was send love and video calls.

“We are limited to love and video calls. One is living with diabetes and the other with high blood pressure. Energy is high for business but highly emotional. I’m counting my blessings day by day,”

Sophie is also among the vulnerable in the current global pandemic, suffering from diabetes. She recently visited the emergency room due to high blood-sugar levels.

“I’m living with diabetes, most vulnerable to this pandemic. I’m still here. So grateful, but from tomorrow let's be responsible. Let’s remember that the fight is not over,” she said in a post last month.