IN MEMES | 'The River’s' Kedibone’s heartbreaking performance leaves fans in tears

22 July 2020 - 13:00
Actress Tsholo Matshaba plays Kedibone in 'The River' and she's killing it.
Actress Tsholo Matshaba plays Kedibone in 'The River' and she's killing it.
Image: Instagram/Tsholo Matshaba

There's no denying that the past few days have been quite emotional for The River fans, thanks to the death of Ntsizwa and what was the telenovela's most beautiful love tale. 

Fans also can't help but stan how actress Tsholo Matshaba has nailed Rakgadi Kedibone's scenes.

Fans are still finding it hard to believe that Phathutshedzo Makwarela (head writer at The River) and his crew really just made Rakgadi fall in love just so they could kill her man before her wedding day arrived. They felt bad for Rakgadi because life has dealt her nothing but lemons and everyone - including her - thought that she would finally get her happy ending, but dololo.

Tsholo, who plays Kedibone, has not only left most tweeps in their feels and in tears as she mourns Ntsizwa but they have also been highly impressed with her performances. Viewers of the telenovela gushed about how watching Tsholo act has been nothing but a pleasure for them and they gave props to the production as a whole for how they've managed to remind viewers that The River has some of the very best actors in Mzansi.

In real life, Tsholo lost her husband Chris Matshaba two years ago. Fans tipped their hats to the actress who really brought her A-game to play out a storyline so “personal”.

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