Sello Maake-Ncube told Kuli Roberts her acting is 'too stiff'

28 July 2020 - 07:00
Kuli Roberts brings feistiness to 'The Queen' with her new role.
Kuli Roberts brings feistiness to 'The Queen' with her new role.
Image: Instagram/Kuli Roberts

Just like people love to hate media personality Kuli Roberts in real life, her latest character on The Queen received both love and heavy criticism alike but Kuli isn't fazed by any of it, she's more focused on securing her bag.

The veteran media personality bagged the role on one of Mzansi's biggest telenovelas after she approached co-producer Connie Ferguson for a job. In a catch-up interview with TshisaLIVE, Kuli reflected on how bringing her character Mildred to life was a blessing and how the criticism she received didn't move her one bit. 

“I've hardly watched myself if I'm being honest. I actually never watch myself but I am very grateful that Mildred sparked reaction out of people.”

Kuli said while she's seen viewers' reactions to her acting, she was slightly taken aback by one actor in particular who called her up out of the blue.

“I've had a lot of positive feedback but Sello Maake-Ncube called up and said, 'Hayi ... you are doing a terrible job, you're stiff and you should have come to me for master classes ...'" she said.

Kuli said she was offended by his approach.

“Look, he called me out of the blue and offered masterclasses. You don't call a person out of the blue and just unsettle them further but that's Joburg for you. The cruelty? We take it all the time.”

Known for her brutal honesty, Kuli has been responding to almost every tweet that dissed her work on the telenovela. She said she knew that she brought what was expected of her to the role.

“It was an amazing experience for me. I had the most amazing co-stars and people around me who did amazing work. Both Shona and Connie were amazing too. I have nothing negative to say about anyone on that set.”

However, on Twitter she served up a spicy tweet for the naysayers:

Whether that was the aim of Kuli's character or not, there's no denying that some of  The Queen's viewers were fed up with Mildred, Warona and Thato's storyline after like ... two episodes.

The reaction went something like:

However, Mildred's spice won her some love from other fans.

They couldn't help but stan her clap back game, especially when she reminded Vuyiswa not to act holier than thou because she's dated both Jerry and Bakang, who are father and son.