Awards and 'huge insecurities'! Inside Prince Kaybee & Anga Makubalo’s fiery twar

29 July 2020 - 11:00
Musicians Prince Kaybee and Anga Makubalo got into a clash on Twitter.
Musicians Prince Kaybee and Anga Makubalo got into a clash on Twitter.
Image: Instagram/Prince Kaybee x Instagram/Naakmusiq

Twitter is convinced there's no-one left in the music industry who hasn't sparked a feud with Prince Kaybee  after he and musician Anga "Naak MusiQ" Makubalo went blow-by-blow into a heated twar this week.

It all began when Anga posted a snap of himself next to his car, challenging his followers to bring a rival car to try compete.

That's all it took for Prince Kaybee to make the tweet all about him, his car and being prone to being dragged on Twitter. He claimed people would probably not drag Anga the way he would have been  had he tweeted the same thing.

Anga didn't take kindly to the comparison and made it a point to put Prince Kaybee back in his lane,  telling him he's been in the game longer and he wasn't bragging, unlike him.

Prince came back with a meme-packed tweet apologising, and said he had been dragged into the conversation.

I was just responding to many of the tweeps in your status because of the many tags I got, like you have done several times on my posts. I did not think it's a problem. I apologise,” Prince said.

Kaybee's response only served to annoy Anga, who told Prince to stop behaving like a “toffee”.

Prince Kaybee pulled a “Pusha-T” and got personal with below-the-belt jabs.

Responding to a picture of toffees, Kaybee said there were more sweets in the picture than Anga had awards.

Anga responded by claiming Kaybee's had “huge insecurities”.