'Gomora’s' Robert Mpisi talks candidly about London: He's a troublemaker

29 July 2020 - 06:00
'Gomora's' London is played by actor Robert Mpisi.
'Gomora's' London is played by actor Robert Mpisi.
Image: Facebook/Robert Mpisi Brown

Gomora's Lindokuhle, aka London, has kept viewers glued to their seats. The aactor behind the mischievous troublemaker, Robert Mpisi, has shared that there's more where that came from, and London is only beginning with his master manipulation.

From his very first scene, fans of the popular telenovela knew he was nothing but trouble, and Robert said Lindo's mischievous traits are part of what hooked him to want to play the role.

“I immediately understood Lindokuhle. As a guy who grew up in a kasi myself, I've not only seen guys like him, but I've chilled and interacted with guys like him.

"Often, a mistake we make as society, and particularly black society, we immediately go, 'He's naughty or he's bewitched that's why he's disrespectful'.

"It is rare that people take the time to figure out what made him the way he is. That is exactly what is happening with Lindo. I wanted people to see that, yes, he's a troublemaker and is disrespectful, but that's not all he is. He's human and deserves a chance at rehabilitation, no matter how much he looks like a lost cause,” Robert told TshisaLIVE.

Currently, Lindo has Gladys convinced he's ready to change for the better. However, fans of the show know better than to trust him, and Robert said he hoped they stick around long enough to understand why Lindo ended up the way he is.

“I believe it is possible for guys like Lindo to be rehabilitated and redeem themselves. Unfortunately most of the time, it takes something drastic to turn them in that direction, like a near-death experience. He won't just change, but he also needs people not to just give up on him.”

Here's a scene of Robert in action as Lindokuhle, aka London.

Robert said he got a call from the casting director of the show telling him about the role of Lindokuhle, and that the producer thought of him for the role. He did a self tape audition, which he knocked out of the park, and the rest was history.

In reality, Robert is the exact opposite of Lindo. Even though his career spans well over 10 years, having been part of popular productions such as Soul City, Tsha Tsha and Lockdown, when he's not acting he intentionally hides from the spotlight.

“I've been on the DL. I've been around but I'm just not a person who lives for the spotlight, so when I'm not working I hide from the spotlight. I don't know why I hide. I suppose that's just the type of person I am. I'm very awkward and shy,” Robert said.