DJ Fresh on Covid-19 ‘carnage’ in the entertainment industry

'Four months with debit orders and no income'

05 August 2020 - 06:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
DJ Fresh has weighed in on Covid-19's impact on the entertainment industry.
Image: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu DJ Fresh has weighed in on Covid-19's impact on the entertainment industry.

Popular 947 radio personality DJ Fresh has painted a grim picture of an entertainment industry devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown.

The star has been vocal about the pandemic and the economic impact it has had on the country, and took to Twitter on Monday to let his followers know about the struggles faced by many in the industry.

He said it had been four months of debit orders and no income for many in the arts, calling it “carnage”.

He said some may discount their struggles because they think the industry consists only of celebs and famous people who are behind the mic or camera.

“It’s easy to be flippant and nywere nywere on about sayings when in your mind, the arts consist of the 100 or so “famous” people you know. The majority of people in the arts are 'faceless', and as with most industries, are paid barely enough to live off, let alone to have savings.”

He said these people were “the engine of the arts, and sadly the worst paid”.

“I make friends with every bathroom cleaner in clubs, and I find myself saddened that they already have a thankless job, and now have zero income. Ditto the bar staff, waiters and car guards, etc.”

DJ Fresh also hit back at suggestions that those in the industry were ANC supporters and profited off politics.

The radio star rang the alarm bells back in May, warning that things were about to get hectic for those in the industry.

"“For many, this is the second month of debit orders coming off, but zero income to absorb them. Next month is gonna be bad. Please check up on those you know who might need it,” he said.

Meanwhile Dr Malinga told Afternoon Express that creatives were struggling under the nationwide lockdown, and any artist who said they weren't was probably lying.

“Some people, I don't want to say celebrities, will say they are doing well and there is nothing wrong. Guess what, immediately when you don't accept there is a problem, you will cause more depression. You have to talk to other people and say you are affected and need help.

“There has been no income for four months now. Just imagine. We have become normal people who don't work. We pray to God that He helps us.”