Pearl Thusi implores Africans to help Zimbabweans 'without measuring' what they've done to help themselves

“Anyone dying because of government abusing its power is unacceptable,” Pearl said.

05 August 2020 - 08:00 By chrizelda kekana
Pearl Thusi has never been scared to speak about politics when she feels the need.
Pearl Thusi has never been scared to speak about politics when she feels the need.
Image: Instagram

Actress and activist Pearl Thusi has come out strongly against criticism against  Zimbabweans apparently “not fighting” for themselves amid questions around why South Africans should fight on their behalf.

The hashtag #ZimbabweanLiveMatter has been trending since the early hours of Monday and TimesLIVE reported that the news from the country seems to imply that the regime in Zimbabwe has reactivated its authoritarian systems to crush dissenting voices.

Pearl took to Twitter to ask what more — in addition to the cyber activism and hashtags — can be done to help change the current situation in Zimbabwe.

Apart from tweeting ... which is also important, what else can we do to put pressure on the Zimbabwean (government) to be accountable?” she asked.

Pearl was quickly put off when one tweep suggested that Zimbabweans seemed “chilled” about changing their situation.

She then asked South Africans to pledge their help to Zimbabweans without questioning what they have done to help change their situation.

You know, this type of thinking is what happens when good people allow bad things to happen. Zimbabwean people are so humble and kind that it must be really bad for them to have even reached this stage. Just do what’s right without measuring someone else’s abilities.”

For Pearl, African lives matter and as such even the loss of one life is one too many.