DJ Black Coffee refuses to apologise for albinism ‘jab’

'So you people can make jokes about my family and my disability ... now I must apologise for asking a simple question?'

11 August 2020 - 10:00 By kyle zeeman
Black Coffee is not about to apologise.
Black Coffee is not about to apologise.
Image: Instagram/ Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee has responded to the outrage over his comments about a Twitter user's child, questioning why he should apologise for asking a simple question.

Black Coffee caused a social media storm recently when he responded to a user telling him to laugh off the hate he gets by asking if she would laugh if they made fun of her child who is living with albinism?

The star was slammed for dragging the child into the conversation and was labelled “insensitive”.

As his name hit the Twitter trends list, Black Coffee returned to the platform to defend himself.

The DJ pointed out that his family and disability was always the butt of jokes online, and it hurt.

“So you people can make jokes about my family and my disability. Do you have any idea how dreadful it has been and the trauma of my accident? Then I must turn the other cheek and be a bigger person while being insulted.”

He also asked why he was suddenly being asked to apologise for “asking a simple question” and let his haters know he is not about that life.

Black Coffee's comments sparked a fresh debate among fans, with some claiming he should still apologise, and others defending him.

One user even suggested Black Coffee should not let his anger rule him.

The star brushed it off.

In 2017 the star opened up about being teased for wearing a brace on his hand, which was damaged in an accident when he was a child.

“When I was young after the car accident I used to wear one and being a kid it was hard as kids can be mean so I decided to stop wearing it especially in public. It has taken me so much time to appear like this in public because of my own insecurities but I decided to post this picture not just because for years people had their own versions of my story, I did this for myself,” he wrote, along with a picture of him wearing a brace.