IN MEMES | 'Gomora' fans happy Langa was finally put in his place!

13 August 2020 - 18:00 By chrizelda kekana
Actor Siya Xaba plays Langa in 'Gomora'.
Actor Siya Xaba plays Langa in 'Gomora'.
Image: Instagram/Siya Xaba

Gomora viewers have been shocked to watch how the debate competition revealed Langa's unattractive true colours, but on Wednesday when Langa got his L handed to him by Ntokozo in the debate match, there was a celebration on the TL.

Viewers were glad that someone finally knocked Langa off his high horse. Since winning his first debate, Langa has been acting like an arrogant jerk to everyone and flaunting his “Sandton twang” in the faces of his fellow Gomora High pupils.

Langa revealed that in addition to thinking he's superior to his fellow pupils based solely on that he grew up in Sandton and went to a school in the burbs in his previous life, he thought he was untouchable when it came to the skill of debating. He dragged everyone all the time and rubbed his win - and privilege - in their faces.

That is why when they debated the motion, “Did Mandela and his ANC sell out black South Africans?” and Ntokozo presented a better argument that Langa, fans were over the moon.

The look on Langa's face when he realised he was losing, was priceless for viewers and they loved every moment of watching him accept defeat.

Check out some of the memes below.