DJ Fresh weighs in on Tito Mboweni's 'Jerusalema' dance challenge

18 August 2020 - 10:00
DJ Fresh hit back with sarcasm.
DJ Fresh hit back with sarcasm.
Image: DJ Fresh via Instagram

DJ Fresh has responded to a viral video of finance minister Tito Mboweni doing the popular Jerusalema dance challenge, taking a swipe at those who may criticise the minister for dancing when he should be working.

Tito lit up the TLs on Monday when he and “his boys” danced to Master KG's hit track, even getting a stamp of approval from Master KG himself.

The challenge has been done by people from all walks of life around the world, from priests and nuns to metro police officers and health-care workers.

Fresh had seen the criticism emergency workers got for taking part in the challenge, defending them from criticism from politician Herman Mashaba over the weekend, and weighing in on Tito's dance.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ suggested that it wouldn't be too long before the minister was told he shouldn't be doing dance challenges when he has an economy to run.

“Sir, Let me help you get this out the way, since this train is never late: 'Don't you have an economy to run, or worry about?'”

Fresh's comments soon drew loads of confusion, with some misunderstanding his comments as criticism of the minister.

He tried to set the record straight, making it clear that he was being sarcastic and he was all for Tito “letting his hair down”.

“The constitution allows you not to understand sarcasm! #It’sYourRight,” he told a follower.