Surprise! It's another girl for Kwesta and Yolanda

'A daddy with daughters'

24 August 2020 - 10:00
Kwesta and Yolanda had a gender reveal at the weekend.
Kwesta and Yolanda had a gender reveal at the weekend.
Image: Instagram/Yolanda Vilakazi

Just weeks after announcing that they are expecting their second child together, rapper Kwesta and his wife Yolanda have revealed that they are having a baby girl.

The couple held a private gender reveal at the weekend, with a big black balloon holding confetti in the colour of the gender.

In a video of the reveal, posted by Yolanda on Instagram on Monday morning, their six-year-old daughter Khai is seen playing with the balloon before daddy Kwesta bursts it to a rain of pink confetti.

There are screams and the camera moves to Khai celebrating.

A daddy with daughters,” Yolanda captioned the video, in reference to Kwesta.

Reflecting on Khai's excitement at having a sibling, Yolanda said she is “so involved and so protective”.

“My little girl couldn’t be happier, she’s so involved and so protective over me and her sibling. She fusses over me, won’t let me strain myself and goes above and beyond. Her favourite thing to do is to pack her sibling’s clothes and to get the nursery ready.

“I thank God each day for giving us this gift to give to you. You are already the best big sister ever, Khai.”

The couple announced Yolanda's pregnancy earlier this month, posting snaps from their cute maternity photo shoot.

Yolanda told her followers that the baby is due in just three months.

Kwesta said when they had wanted to grow their family, “God showed up”.

“Like everyone, we take small strides each day to try to reach those [goals] together. There has been joy, pain, love, gratitude, disappointment, love, gains, losses, love, Katlehong, Maldives, love, Kisses, Voetseks, love, strength, fear, love, good hair days and that thing on my head, and then love once again.

“Then we try grow that, grow us and when we wanted to grow the family, God showed up.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE in 2018, Kwesta opened up about balancing his career and making time for his daughter.

“It's sometimes impossible to do both, you end up having to pick one as per day or based on the urgency or importance of what you need to do. But I try to do my best to not work too much or not to spend too much time with my family, neglecting music. It's a difficult balance to master and in fact, you never get to a point where you have the 'hang of it' but I try every day.”