Candice Modiselle defends Bontle & Priddy Ugly: Y’all disrespect them for s**ts and giggles

25 August 2020 - 07:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Candice Modiselle took shots at trolls who attack her sister and brother-in-law.
Image: Via Candice Modiselle's Instagram Candice Modiselle took shots at trolls who attack her sister and brother-in-law.

Actress Candice Modiselle is gatvol of people always coming for her sister, TV personality Bontle, and rapper Priddy Ugly, saying the couple were often disrespected just for the fun of it.

Trolls yet again dragged the couple over the weekend after a video of Bontle opening Priddy Ugly's phone with her fingerprint went viral. Several users responded to the video, claiming that Bontle had access because “she's the breadwinner” in the relationship and that it would all “end in tears”.

While some joined in the mockery, others defended the couple and said it was “disgusting” how they were disrespected.

Candice came to the pair's defence with a pretty strong sub to all the haters.

“Why do people feel so comfortable to say half of the things they say on this app? Is it clout? Are they projecting? Is it crack? Knowing they won’t have to account? 'It’s just Twitter' logic? How has blatant disrespect become such a norm here? I genuinely don’t get it,” she wrote.

She then addressed the matter head on, saying her sister and brother-in-law were disrespected “for sh*ts and giggles”.

“Honestly. The most unwarranted disrespect, for sh*ts & giggles. I admire how unmoved they are by the noise. Two people harmlessly going about their lives, married, in love, collectively securing bags and raising the most gorgeous little girl. I’ll forever stan, 11 years and counting,” she wrote.

To drive home her point she posted a series of snaps of the pair living their best lives with their daughter.

Candice said she was tired of mincing her words and was going to call out BS when she saw it.

“I, much like everyone else on this app, am human. If I don’t appreciate something, I’m calling it out. That shouldn’t be seen as 'stooping down'. My mom didn’t raise a woman that passively tolerates disrespect. Not on my watch,” she told a fan.

Bontle has previously addressed the hate towards the couple, saying the critics were not worth her time or energy.

“I don’t care to address anything with anyone who has made any prior judgment on any subject matter, but especially personal to me, without context or some understanding on what it is being discussed.”