Moonchild releases first international EP, and it's worldwide!

13 September 2020 - 16:00 By Deepika Naidoo
Moonchild says finally being embraced in Mzansi is a big deal for her.
Moonchild says finally being embraced in Mzansi is a big deal for her.
Image: Instagram/Moonchild Sanelly

One of SA’s most popular musical exports Moonchild Sanelly has shown her versatility and star power with the release her international EP Nüdes.

2020 has been an incredible year for Moonchild.

With international fame, from starring in Beyonce’s Black is King to making waves both locally and internationally, the only way is up from here for one of SA’s finest.

Just hours after it was revealed that she would be on international supergroup Gorillaz' new album, Moonchild dropped her latest EP, featuring artists Patty Monroe and Aramboa.

This is the first international release for the star, who recently signed to global record label Transgressive Records.

Before the release, the EP was already causing a commotion for its track Bashiri. The song got tongues wagging for its content about a corrupt preacher. It was inspired by a woman's testimony in a church where the pastor is treated like a god, while monetising religion.

The “future ghetto punk” queen also slammed a tweep this week for trying to solicit nude photos of her.

Moonchild clapped back, saying that even though she just released Nüdes, she doesn’t just show her body off to anyone.

“Ask your mama,” she said.