Mihlali: 'Men who know they don’t stand a chance with you are always hella bitter'

26 September 2020 - 16:00 By deepika naidoo
Mihlali Ndamase isn't afraid to get real about men!
Mihlali Ndamase isn't afraid to get real about men!
Image: Instagram/Mihlali Ndamase

Influencer and YouTube star Mihlali Ndamase got real with her followers this week, saying that men out of her league are the most bitter when it comes to the rules of engagement.

Though Mihlali Ndamase has kept her love life out of the public eye, this hasn’t stopped the star from sharing her opinions on dating.

This week, she spilt the tea on how she feels about bitter, petty men.

Tweeps sang Mihlali’s praises with testimonies of dealing with bitter men.

Here are a few reactions from fans who resonated with her sentiments:

This isn’t the first time the star has been vocal about her opinions on men.

Earlier this year, Mihlali was called a “b*tch” after opening up about casual dating.

She responded with a video, telling the troll to stay in his lane.

“Men need to stop thinking they have a f**king opinion on women's bodies and what women do and their decisions. It has nothing to do with you, you are not going to come and police my behaviour, my decisions, my choices in 2020. This is not your mother's house!” she said.