'I didn't say I’m bigger than him' - Prince Kaybee explains his jab against Black Coffee

28 September 2020 - 12:00
DJ Black Coffee's response made Prince Kaybee delete his tweet.
DJ Black Coffee's response made Prince Kaybee delete his tweet.
Image: Instagram/Prince Kaybee and Instagram/Black Coffee

Resident Twitter war participant Prince Kaybee's comments about DJ Black Coffee quickly backfired and resulted in him having to delete his words.  

Prince Kaybee has become notorious for getting involved in twars. Last week NaakMusiQ threatened the Charlotte hitmaker with s fists over his Twitter-happy fingers. That clearly did nothing to Kaybee's confidence because he took to his TL to agree with Nota and imply he was the “biggest selling DJ” Mzansi has.

In the video clip that started the whole mess, Nota was in conversation with MacG, talking about why he thinks Nasty C made it overseas. Nota implied it had everything to do with the men in suits up in management and nothing to do with Nasty C's actual talent.

Kaybee jumped into the viral clip and made it all about him.

When I said I’m the biggest selling DJ they called me arrogant. There you go mate,” he said.

It didn't take long until one tweep asked if the good Prince thought he was bigger than Black Coffee. Which, of course got a “yes” out of him.

“Waaayyy bigger mate, my numbers are crazy but because it's me it won't trend or get noticed,” Prince said in a now deleted tweet.

Of course, that wasn't entirely true and Black Coffee couldn't just sit by and let the TL draw conclusions from incomplete info, so he brought some receipts.

In his clap back — which made Prince delete his tweet — Black Coffee tweeted a screenshot of his Spotify streaming numbers to prove his point. Which was that he is “way way bigger”.

Trolls only needed that three word tweet from Black Coffee to drag Prince Kaybee, so he came back to the TL to explain himself.

He said he didn't mean he's actually bigger than Black Coffee, he just meant his album Re Mmino was the best-selling house music album since 2019.

"I didn't say I’m bigger than him., I said Re Mmino (my album) did over 150 million streams, which makes it the biggest selling house music album since 2019. Please stop creating stories," he said.