Khanyi Mbau urges tweeps to remember that celebs are human too

28 September 2020 - 14:59
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Khanyi Mbau says people need to treat others with kindness.
Image: Khanyi Mbau via Instagram. Khanyi Mbau says people need to treat others with kindness.

While her younger brother Lasizwe was dragged on Twitter for “mourning online”, Khanyi Mbau has been applauded for holding it together through a tough time and she's taken the opportunity to remind peeps to treat others with kindness.

Khanyi and Lasizwe's father died recently and the pair have been sharing tributes to him on their social media accounts. They also laid him to rest over the weekend.

Khanyi's followers, who attended the funeral service virtually, gave her props for being strong for her siblings. They went on to advise Khanyi to take time out to grieve for her health's sake.

She used the opportunity to ask them to “normalise humour from public figures to their fans and vice versa.

We need to normalise humour as public figures. But also our followers need to remember we are human too and not perfect. Everyone in this platform just wants to be heard and seen. No love lost but gained,” said Khanyi.

Meanwhile, Lasizwe wasn't phased by the online bashing he received for posting pictures of himself “ugly crying” at his father's final resting place.

In fact, he had a young word for everyone that had a problem with his way of mourning.

“Some people tend to forget we mourn differently and life isn’t a group assignment. If I choose to mourn on social media, respect my wishes ... isocial media yam le!” he said.