Master KG responds to Ntsiki Mazwai’s '50/50 Nomcebo' split comments

Poet questioned whether vocalist got paid 50% from 'Jerusalema' earnings

28 September 2020 - 10:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode created the global hit 'Jerusalema'.
Image: Instagram/Nomcebo Zikode Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode created the global hit 'Jerusalema'.

After trending for hours on end thanks to Ntsiki Mazwai's “suggestion” about the ownership of the hit song Jerusalema, Master KG has responded to the poet, questioning her motives behind the suggestion.

Taking advantage of her army of fans and strong Twitter presence, Ntsiki caused chaos on the TL over the weekend when she suggested Nomcebo Zikode should pay equal to Master KG from the song. The poet reasoned that because Nomcebo wrote the lyrics and provided vocals for the global hit, she “deserved” 50% ownership of the song.

Ntsiki believes if the split was impossible, then Nomcebo ought to be paid like a session artist at least.

“Master KG did the beat. Nomcebo did the vocals. That's a 50/50 split. I hope Master KG paid her for the session ke since it's his song only,” she said.

While many jumped in to support her view, others called her out for being unreasonable and inserting herself in things that have nothing to do with her. People questioned her knowledge of music and what it means for an artist to be “featured” on a song, as is the case with Master KG and Nomcebo on Jerusalema.

Master KG also found Ntsiki's observations odd, considering she has never expressed similar sentiments about popular songs where female vocalists are featured by producers or DJs.

“There are so many songs in this world where people are featured and I never saw you or anyone saying this. Or is there something behind what you saying? Anyway, bless up my sister. One love,” he responded.

Jerusalema has taken the world by storm, and its success has recently seen Master KG receive recognition from prominent people and a number of opportunities.

Last week, the Limpopo-born producer took to Twitter to show off a red Ferrari. Though Master KG did not confirm whether he had bought the vehicle, Twitter had a lot to say about the red machine and congratulated him.

As Ntsiki's tweet made both Master KG and Nomcebo trend all weekend long, it seems Twitter was split about the validity of Ntsiki's claim.

Here are some of the reactions.