Prince Kaybee: 'If people think I am nothing, so be it'

28 September 2020 - 08:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Prince Kaybee is unfazed by all the hate.
Image: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram Prince Kaybee is unfazed by all the hate.

Award-winning DJ Prince Kaybee is tired of always defending himself from claims that he is an “attention seeker” who “steals” his music, hitting back with sarcasm.

The star has dodged the claims for several months, especially after his most recent twar with fellow muso Anga “NaakMusiQ Makubalo.

The star has never been scared to clap back at the hate, often sparking a fierce showdown between his fans and critics.

However, the star is tired of fighting and told his stan club on Wednesday to not give the haters any attention.

To those who try defend me, let this go, man. If people think I am nothing, so be it,” he told fans.

He also personally responded to some of the hate he had received, including that he is a parasite and bought all his music off other artists, with a fist full of sarcasm.

The star did the same in July when he was accused of copying a song. He said he was happy for people to think he was a thief because it was amusing.

“Let them stay thinking I’m a thief. LOL! Let me improve my thief skills because y’all want big songs, akere,” he said.

He also responded to claims he was bragging about being a high school dropout.