DJ Zinhle claps back at troll for questioning her parenting

29 September 2020 - 08:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
DJ Zinhle claps back at troll with some 'parenting advice'.
Image: DJ Zinhle Instagram DJ Zinhle claps back at troll with some 'parenting advice'.

Musician and mommy DJ Zinhle had to again make it clear that she doesn't care for or need other peoples' opinions on how she raises her daughter Kairo. 

It's no secret that, as someone in the spotlight, raising a child can be a nightmare: from self-proclaimed parenting experts to the peanut gallery that is Twitter, when will women ever get a break from the unwarranted parenting advice?

This week DJ Zinhle called out a tweep for having a comment or two about the way she raises Kairo.

After posting a photo of Kairo celebrating her Zulu heritage by wearing an adorable traditional outfit, one tweep criticised Zinhle for apparently only exposing Kairo to one part of her heritage.

The user suggested that Zinhle should dress her baby girl in traditional Khoi attire, representing the Khoi heritage she has from her dad and rapper AKA.

The star didn’t take too lightly to the comment and stung back hard, even quoting a line from the house song Gabriel by Joe Goddard.

“Did you know you could have your own child and dress them however you want? Gabriel, you have gone too far,” tweeted Zinhle.

Watch out Twitter, don’t tell a momma what to do!