Zakes Mda hits back at claim he’s 'fixated' on Donald Trump

29 September 2020 - 07:00 By deepika naidoo
Novelist Zakes Mda has dismissed claims he is 'fixated' on Donald Trump.
Novelist Zakes Mda has dismissed claims he is 'fixated' on Donald Trump.
Image: Gallo Images / City Press / Lucky Nxumalo

Writer Zakes Mda took to Twitter to dispel claims that he is "obsessed" with US President Donald Trump by clapping back at criticism with #facts.

The pervasive nature of American politics has people from all across the world talking about the global power. This is even more of a reality for South African expats who have to experience the everyday life of being an immigrant in the US.

Mda defended himself this week after being accused of having an obsession with The Apprentice star turned president - and he had the receipts to clap back in full force.

Mda is often critical of US politics and its president. In a discussion about politicians who are comfortable with expressing their true feelings, the playwright mentioned that Trump doesn’t hold back even if he doesn’t mean to.

Businesswoman Unathi Kwaza, a former member of the now-defunct Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP) party, responded to Mda's remarks, claiming he was "fixated" on Trump, even though he lives in a "sh*thole" himself (in reference to Trump's comments about the African content being a "sh*thole").

Mda shut down Kwaza, reminding her that living in the US himself is the reason he cares about the country's politics.

“I don’t think SA is a sh*t hole country. Only you and Trump do. I have lived here in the USA for the past 39 years, work here, pay my taxes here (I pay them in SA too, by the way!), have a family here, have my pension here, vote here (vote in SA too). No wonder the fixation!” he said.

I guess you have to do your research before you go up against SA’s finest.