Khanyi Mbau declares herself part of Beyoncé's ‘brown skin girls’ squad but tweeps aren't having it

Moghel took a page out of Pearl Thusi's book and tweeps responded accordingly

05 October 2020 - 10:00 By chrizelda kekana
Khanyi Mbau says Bey made 'Brown Skin Girl' for her too.
Khanyi Mbau says Bey made 'Brown Skin Girl' for her too.
Image: Instagram/Khanyi Mbau

Media personality Khanyi Mbau took to Twitter to celebrate herself as a “brown skin girl” but social media users criticised her for her love of skin bleaching to “get rid” of her brownness.

Khanyi has been going on a lot of, “I said what I said”, rants on Twitter since announcing her upcoming reality show and even though her hype-creating skills are high-key recognised, Twitter still predictably gave her the time of day when she poked them by pulling a page out of fellow showbiz star, Pearl Thusi's book.

After having watched Pearl get eaten alive on the cyber streets after she took Beyoncé's hit song Brown Skin Girl, aka the black girl's anthem, and made it all about her, Khanyi followed in mama Panther's footsteps at the weekend.

The actress, who has publicly spoken about her love for skin bleaching/skin lightening, took to Twitter to share just how much she identified with Bey's song.

Khanyi knew exactly what she was doing with that tweet and because she pre-empted the backlash, she said in the caption for all the naysayers to go argue with someone or something else.

“This song is touched for me! To us brown skin girls world wide! I said what I said! Go argue with Jik please! Dankie Bey,” she said.

The “yellow bone by choice” moghel has explained previously that her decision to become lighter or have any work done on her body had nothing to do with her Africanness.

In a previous Instagram Live video, the media personality said skin lightening was a lifestyle, especially when you are in the entertainment industry, so you try to look your best at all times, or “dreamlike”.

As far as she's concerned, she's still a brown skin girl at heart, at least as far as culture and identity are concerned ...

“Being black doesn’t mean you have to look black. Being black is a state of being, being black is a sense of spirit. Being black is how you think and how you see yourself. It doesn’t mean you need to look indigenous. Why are we living in a world that won’t let us explore and be who we want to be? Period.”

While Khanyi may be sure about her standpoint, Twitter still wasn't convinced Bey had her in mind when she wrote the hit song ... Check out their engagements below.