Mihlali slams social media user's viral tweet about his gf refusing to get an abortion

'Why didn’t you insist on using protection if you don’t want children?'

05 October 2020 - 12:00
By Masego Seemela
Mihlali Ndamase put a tweep in his place.
Image: Mihlali N via Instagram Mihlali Ndamase put a tweep in his place.

Influencer and YouTube star Mihlali Ndamase has lambasted a social media user for allegedly not taking responsibility for his actions.

This after an unknown man's viral tweet about being upset that his girlfriend didn't want to have an abortion and intends to keep the child, even after he made it clear he was not ready to be a father. 

"My girlfriend is pregnant and refuses to do abortion," said the social media user.

Feeling the man was being unreasonable and reckless, Mihlali put the Twitter user in his place, telling him he should have insisted on using protection if he didn't want children.

“The child is here now sana, man up and take responsibility for your actions,” read part of the influencer's reply.

While many felt the man was selfish to expect his girlfriend to have an abortion, Mihlali felt women go through a lot to prevent pregnancy as opposed to men, who are mainly required to wear protection.

The tweep returned to the social media platform to respond to the backlash he received from women. 

"I'm being disrespected by Twitter women who think they know everything. They think they are the law, the beginning and the end. Bloody toxic feminists," he said. 

This isn’t the first time Mihlali has been vocal about her opinions on men.

Earlier this year, the YouTube star was called a “b*tch” after opening up about casual dating.

She responded with a video, telling the troll to stay in his lane.

“Men need to stop thinking they have a f**king opinion on women's bodies and what women do and their decisions.

“It has nothing to do with you. You are not going to come and police my behaviour, my decisions, my choices in 2020. This is not your mother's house!”