Riky Rick opens up again about his beef with Cassper: I would love to be on good terms with him

07 October 2020 - 15:00 By Masego Seemela
Riky Rick wants to squash his beef with Cassper.
Riky Rick wants to squash his beef with Cassper.
Image: Riky Rick/ Instagram

Rapper Riky Rick has lifted the lid on how he understands why Cassper wrote a song about him, and revealed how he has nothing but love for Mufasa. 

The rapper revealed all during a virtual interview on YFM's Best Drive Instagram Live with Altovise and DJ Sabby. 

In the interview, Riky spoke about how he regretted that his beef with Cassper was aired in public and on social media. 

"Not to dwell on that too much, but if I could say something that would make sense to people it is that I'm invested in the story, not that I want to see the car crash. cause the car crashed.

"It's an f**k up cause I would love to be good, I would love for it to be okay and I've communicated that many times. I feel like for him to do that record where he said that it's not about anyone or whatever, for him to do that record, he needed to do that record, I accept that." 

Riky said when he heard the song he was coming from a position of good communication and understanding why Cassper spoke about their beef in his new album.

"We've been speaking, we've been texting, we've been talking, we've been talking about my kids, we've had phone calls where we've talked.

"So I was taking it more from it is a situation, the f**k ups that have happened in our relationships will get sorted out behind the scenes. I was taking it that way but I fully understand someone putting it on a record and saying whatever he said. Whether it applies to me or whoever it is for, people can decide." 

Riky said he did not hold a grudge against Cass for letting his emotions out on the song.

"I get that part, I have no beef with that, I have no beef with anybody. I get people getting out their emotions. My goal is for people to actively try to get into better situations."

The Boss Zonke hitmaker also admitted his mistake was talking publicly to Slikour about his issues with Mufasa which he couldn't let go off. 

"I fully understand  he couldn't let go of that issue. I've got issues that are hard for me to also let go of and I hope he understands that.

"We understand we got some. Okay, what's next? Because it's not going to turn into a beef or a fight. I've got love for you and your family. You've got children now, I'm happy things are going well. But what's next?"