Bulldog, Goku & face of Lion Lager: Inside Maphorisa & Prince Kaybee's latest twar

08 October 2020 - 11:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Damn, Mzansi! DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee are back at it again with that Twitter war.
Image: DJ Maphorisa/ Instagram x Prince Kaybee/ Instagram Damn, Mzansi! DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee are back at it again with that Twitter war.

In another episode of unnecessary Twitter wars, Prince Kaybee cyberbullied DJ Maphorisa for the TL's entertainment and seemingly reignited their long-standing beef.

The TL smelled like a braai again on Wednesday as their beef sizzled, when Princess (as he's been named by Phori) found the perfect opportunity to troll DJ Maphorisa after he shared a snap of his bald head after he got a fresh cut.

The pair are always dragging each other for filth and tweeps have started believing that they may secretly be friends behind closed doors. They fight like siblings!

Anyway ... here's how it all went down. Grab your popcorn.

Commenting on Phori's picture, Prince said, “Hloho ya hao ekare bottle ya LION LAGER, plus it's on special ke bo R10,” which translates to “your head looks like a bottle of Lion Lager beer, plus it's on special for R10".

Obvs not trying to let go of his “Twitter Bully” title, Prince went for Maphorisa without mercy!

“Thing is we expected something different since you have money like other celebrities he ba kreya zaka ba nna pilanyana wena o ntjagame. Wena geen change! Dogho ya teng.

“You are missing the mark Mchana, We know and we don't expect you to be handsome, Wena as long as you are giving us good music. We don't see that. Never mind people will always talk.

“You are not ugly man, you are just dark skinned ... which is not favoured by the most, not that admired. As people, we love that light skin ..." he said.

Then, never one to let 'Princess' have the last word, Phori responded to Kaybee. He wasn't as brutal though and opted for the “laugh at yourself” approach as he tweeted Prince.

The banter went on and on between the pair ... see some of the tweets below.