K.O reflects on a hectic 2020 on his birthday: Covid-19 almost took my life in July

15 October 2020 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
K.O opens up about how the coronavirus almost took his life.
K.O opens up about how the coronavirus almost took his life.
Image: Via Instagram

In light of his turn around the sun and being granted another year of life, rapper K.O has lifted the lid on how Covid-19 almost took his life in July.  

As a birthday shoutout to himself, Mr Cashtime expressed how grateful he was to be living on “God's green earth” despite having contracted the virus.

K.O opened up about having Covid in a tweet, saying things were clearer now, now that he knows his purpose.  

With his health in check and back on 100, in June K.O shared his views on how the industry only fully appreciates artists when they are gone.

This was after a stan expressed how unfair it is that the Skhanda Love hitmaker is often overlooked and not given the respect he deserves, even after contributing a lot to the South African hip-hop community.

Being rather mature about it, K.O replied to the stan by pointing out that artists were often only appreciated after they died.

“Sadly you only get that type of crowning soon as you die in this culture,” he said, adding that he wouldn't let that deter him.

K.O has been candid about his struggles with the industry, revealing last year that he spent a lot of time trying to pull himself out of a “dark space”. He said the battle nearly defeated him and his career.