Bontle Modiselle gets real: Dancers don’t receive the credit they deserve

17 October 2020 - 12:00 By deepika naidoo
Bontle Modiselle says dancers are disrespected.
Bontle Modiselle says dancers are disrespected.
Image: Instagram/Bontle Modiselle

Actress and media personality Bontle Modiselle took to Twitter to rant about how dancers are mistreated in the entertainment industry, and the tea is scalding hot!

Over the past few years, tensions have been rising in the SA entertainment industry. From #OpenUpTheIndustry to daily TL boxing matches, the struggles artists face daily are a topic of conversation more than ever.

Bontle took a stand on Twitter this week, calling out members of the SA entertainment industry for their blatant undermining of dancers and their craft.

“Dancers don’t get the credit they deserve. You’re meant to stay in everyone else’s shadow. Stay small. Be just a dancer. But damn, I’m so proud of the dance community!

"Some of your fav entertainers today come from dance, have transitioned & become household names respectively,” wrote Bontle.

She further went on to express her frustration, saying performers are often put inside a "dancing’ box" and that the limitations are not self-inflicted.

“Very rarely do you find a dancer who is one dimensional but folks aren’t comfortable with them being more than what they know you as.

"So any dancer who gets out of the 'you’re just a dancer' limitation and becomes more than that, deserves their flowers,” tweeted Bontle.