Sizwe Dhlomo gets TL up in arms after he says, 'Normalise not eating at funerals'

17 October 2020 - 16:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Sizwe Dhlomo thinks we need to stop eating at funerals.
Image: File Photo Sizwe Dhlomo thinks we need to stop eating at funerals.

TL pot-stirrer Sizwe Dhlomo got the TL up in arms this week when he questioned funeral traditions and it doesn't look like Twitter is going to forgive him this time.

Since that first wave of the coronavirus hit SA, funerals have been more on our minds than ever. 

The Kaya FM host took to Twitter with his opinions on funeral traditions. The star had a bone to pick with the way we carry out funerals, saying we need to stop chowing at funerals as opposed to the suggestions made by other tweeps that we ought to have wors added to the funeral food menu or even dessert.

In response to a tweet about why funerals can be problematic, Sizwe came up with his own rules to celebrate the dead.

“Normalise not eating at funerals. Also normalise having short funerals so people don’t even get hungry,” wrote Sizwe.

Many users were confused at his comments, saying that Sizwe is disrespecting African customs. Here are some comments from the displeased tweeps:

Sizwe even responded to one these trolls. After a user said he was insensitive for wanting to “whitewash” funeral practices, he replied with a scathing clapback.

“Yeah Michelle ... if that’s what you take from this,” wrote Sizwe.

You do you Sizwe, ignore the noise.