'Barbie doll' Khanyi Mbau now wants to look like the blue body avatar

From light-skinned Barbie to avatar, Khanyi wants to push the envelope

18 October 2020 - 16:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Khanyi Mbau wants to pull out all the stops for a plastic surgery future.
Image: Khanyi Mbau via Instagram. Khanyi Mbau wants to pull out all the stops for a plastic surgery future.

SA socialite of note Khanyi Mbau in recent years has said the title of “plastic surgery queen” but now the star says she wants to take her looks further than a light-skinned Barbie.

Khanyi Mbau has always been a pot-stirrer of note. When she isn’t fighting the haters on the TL or serving us hits, Khanyi is working on her body and isn’t ashamed of her love for plastic surgery.

With the release of her reality TV show MbauReloaded, the social media personality has taken the time to chat about her future body enhancements.

In a banter-filled interview with radio host Khutso Theledi, Khanyi says that she has reached a milestone and is definitely the real-life doll she set out to be. However, the star says she wants to take her beauty augmentations a little further.

“I’m passed that phase, I’ve passed the Barbie doll. I am actually now trying to chase the avatar. I actually said if I could turn this body blue I would do it,” said Khanyi.

The star has been criticised for her many procedures. In 2019, Khanyi received backlash for skin bleaching and addressed her Twitter followers in a rant.

She lambasted her haters, saying that it's her body and ultimately her choices.

“I am still the Khanyi you love to hate! I am still going to give you reasons to have constipation. I will rock this boat until the seas dry up and you will be there to support and witness it,” wrote Khanyi.

I hope you weren’t serious about the Avatar thing. We can't imagine you blue and swinging from trees.