Pearl Thusi brings out the clapback queen to put xenophobic trolls in their place

22 October 2020 - 15:00 By Masego Seemela
Pearl Thusi is taking no nonsense when it comes to xenophobia.
Pearl Thusi is taking no nonsense when it comes to xenophobia.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi

The real cut-throat, straight to the point, Pearl Thusi is back and active again on Twitter, and she's not holding anything back.

The actress, who took a young step back from Twitter earlier this year, is back and serving clap backs and jabs in bucket loads. 

This follows the uproar on social media calling for justice for Nigerians after the Lekki massacre on Tuesday.

While many of Mzansi's celebs came forward to speak out against the police brutality in Nigeria and other countries, Pearl let it be known that African leaders were the ones failing the continent.

She even went as far as calling out President Cyril Ramaphosa for “blue ticking” Africans and urged him to talk to the people.

The Queen Sono star added that a lot of South Africans were still mentally enslaved and can't seem to help themselves.

She also took a jab at the current crop of African leaders, saying the issues in Africa persist because of the gender of those in leadership.

A tweep then came at Mama Pantha, saying that African leaders have always been about self-enrichment. Pearl quickly shut him down, however, saying he'd never say such to the leader of the South African Communist Party, Chris Hani, who gave his life for the future of South Africa's youth.

Pearl has been one of the SA celebs who have been at the forefront of bringing awareness to the issues faced in Africa.

She recently asked tweeps to spread the word about the police brutality in Nigeria, and sent out a plea for Africans to unite.