AKA claims he invented that 'soft life', and Twitter isn't having it

24 October 2020 - 08:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Rapper AKA insists he invented that 'soft' life.
Image: Via Instagram/AKA/Blaq Smith Rapper AKA insists he invented that 'soft' life.

TL pot-stirrer and rapper AKA took to Twitter to claim he invented that “soft life", and Mzansi isn’t having it!

According to The Free Dictionary, the idiom "soft life" means a life with comfort and no unpleasantness. Many people have embraced this self-care attitude to life, being surrounded by a pandemic and all.

People across the globe have been embracing the safety and security of living "soft", and the term and lifestyle associated with it has become popular across social media platforms.

It didn’t take long before someone claimed they invented this self-loving lifestyle - who else if not the "multi-talented" musician and regular TL rabble-rouser AKA?

The rapper boldly claimed he started the movement.

“We invented 'soft'. I dare you to argue with me,” wrote AKA.

Many tweeps took th dare and schooled AKA in their replies.

The Twitter army clapped back at the musician for taking ownership of the term "soft".

The internet was also confused about is the "we" AKA mentions.

See for yourselves:

We can't wait for more inventions from the new Elon Musk!