Rami Chuene was stopped by a Metro Police officer — all he wanted was to be unblocked on Twitter!

24 October 2020 - 14:00
Rami Chuene was stopped by a cop who wanted her to unblock him.
Rami Chuene was stopped by a cop who wanted her to unblock him.
Image: Instagram/Rami Chuene

One of the perks of being a celeb, is that everyone, including Metro Police, can be your fans, but that doesn't mean they won't have bizarre requests, as was the case with actress Rami Chuene.

The actress said she was stopped by a cop recently, and instead of the usual conversations, all the poor guy wanted was for Rami to unblock him on Twitter.

Of course Rami came to Twitter to share the interesting encounter and Mzansi was really LOL-ing at this one.

“Got stopped by metro police on my way home a little while ago. One of them said he didn’t want anything from me except for me to unblock him on Twitter,” tweeted Rami.

The star went on to clarify with followers the reasons why she would potentially block a tweep.

“I hardly block people. My reasons aren’t that many. You get blocked if you’re racist, homophobic, sexist, support GBV, are downright disrespectful, especially to women, and a cyberbully.

I believe we can all have opinions without being mean to each other. So I wonder what he did,” wrote Rami.

Tweeps were in stitches! They just couldn’t help but laugh at the situation along with Rami, see for yourself:

Eish and he is still blocked! We just have to learn to accept and move on kids.