IN MEMES | 'Gomora' fans worry about Teddy's innocence thanks to ‘hot new teacher’

27 October 2020 - 18:00
Sihle Ndaba plays Miss Manzi, the new hot teacher on 'Gomora'.
Sihle Ndaba plays Miss Manzi, the new hot teacher on 'Gomora'.
Image: Via Sihle's Instagram

There's a sexy new female teacher in town - or kasi, in this case - and fans of Gomora can already foresee trouble for their fave learner Teddy!

As if being a "slow" learner, coming from a difficult background and having a recovering alcoholic for a mother wasn't enough. The effect the new hot teacher has on Teddy (played by Sicelo Buthelezi) has added another hurdle for the poor teen to climb over.

Fans of the daily telenovela are concerned  the developing crush/infatuation Teddy has with his new teacher is only going to mean bad things for him.

Miss Ncebakazi Manzi (played by former Uzalo actress Sihle Ndaba) recently joined Gomora High School, and viewers knew as soon as she stepped into that classroom that poor Teddy was in trouble.

While it's safe to say that almost all the boys in the class were drooling after meeting Miss Manzi, it became super clear she seemed to have a "soft spot" for  Teddy, thanks to his humour and innocence.

Fans are worried about what the crush on his teacher is going to do to him, and after seeing that wet dream he had, wherein he was having sex with Miss Manzi, they are convinced the storyline is about to get lit.

Here are some of their reactions below: