IN MEMES | Zodwa gives 'Gomora' fans another iconic remix of a proverb & they love it!

28 October 2020 - 18:00
Actress Sannah Mchunu is a fan fave as Zodwa on 'Gomora'.
Actress Sannah Mchunu is a fan fave as Zodwa on 'Gomora'.
Image: Instagram/Sana Mchunu

Fans of Gomora filled the TL with memes in reaction to Zodwa's latest "queen Elizabeth's language remix", and they just can't get enough of actress Sannah Mchunu's brilliant performance as Zodwa.

There's no denying that Mzansi Magic's Gomora does the thing as far as entertainment and drama goes, but if you ask anyone on the Twitter streets why they tune in, they'll probably tell you Zodwa's Enggrish is the "woza woza" that keeps them coming back for more!

Lovers of the daily telenovela were left with no choice but to stan when they realised that even when the storyline isn't about her and she's just a supporting actress in a scene, Zodwa still manages to make their day. They realised they often look forward to watching a scene with Zodwa because of her unique and often hilarious lines.

Some tweeps most fave lines include: "I make it, I birth it, I born it, I grow it, you take it"; *sigh* "To go is to see"; and "I don't have a problem with your parents, just a problem with your mother and father."

Last night she added an iconic remix to the proverb previously known as "you can't judge a book by it's cover" when she said "You can't judge a cover by its book without a plastic".

Here are the reactions below: