ProVerb: 'I'm not special, life happened to me too, just like everybody else'

30 October 2020 - 14:00
ProVerb has opened up about his mental health journey while working on 'Idols SA'.
ProVerb has opened up about his mental health journey while working on 'Idols SA'.
Image: Via Instagram/ ProVerb music

Presenter Unathi Nkayi and musician ProVerb opened up on Kaya FM about the trials and tribulations they faced while filming Idols SA and how they had to put up a happy front while going through emotional turbulence privately.

The adage “the show must go on” continues to ring true when the pawpaw hits the fan in life, at least that was case with ProVerb who has opened up about showing up with smiles at work while going through the most privately.

The Idols SA producer opened up about overcoming his personal challenges while filming the hit pop idol show on Unathi's day time radio show The Midday Joy with Unathi.

After the end of ProVerb's 10-year marriage, it was reported that the star attempted suicide. He further released a memoir Book of Proverbs  where he opened up on his split and low points.

“I'm not a special case, life happened to me too just like everybody else. In my weakness, my moment of cowardice, I really felt a sense of low self-value. I kinda lost my purpose and I couldn't justify my existence for another second,” he said.

He went on to say that in some way he was grateful for going through difficult times to achieve the success he sees in his life today.

“Even though I don't ever encourage anyone to ever consider that (suicide attempt) as an option because it isn't, for me it almost served as something necessary because I came out in the end with a better perspective, with a greater appreciation of life.

As I say in my book, a part of me had to die for there to be a rebirth.”

Idols SA judge Unathi said that ProVerb and she shared a special connection while they were working on the TV show because they had both experienced break-ups at the same time while filming the show.

Unathi split from partner Thomas Msengana in 2019.