Cassper says 'Joburg lifestyle' can fool you into believing you're in Hollywood

31 October 2020 - 08:00 By deepika naidoo
Cassper says Joburgers think they live in Hollywood.
Cassper says Joburgers think they live in Hollywood.
Image: Via Cassper Nyovest Instagram

AMN hitmaker Cassper Nyovest took to Twitter to say out loud how living that Joburg lifestyle can have thinking you are in Hollywood.

He also made it a point to warn against such an illusion.

Though Johannesburg is SA's city of gold and limelight, Cassper took Twitter to remind his followers that the residents of eGoli can get caught up in that fast-paced life and forget the world is bigger than Gauteng.

In a Twitter say piece, the star took to the TL with advice for Joburg natives who get ahead of themselves.

The “introspection-cum-motivational speech” moment was sparked by reflection by the rapper on a countrywide tour. Cassper said there is so much more to being an SA artist than making a name for yourself in Joburg.

The artist said travelling across the nation has humbled him as an artist living in Mzansi's Tinseltown.

“Performing outside Joburg always reminds me how much the city can Juta you to say we are in Hollywood. Living in Joburg can make you say you the beeswax. There are millions of people who still haven't heard of you and there always soooo much growth to do. Don't box yourself,” wrote Cassper.

Simba's daddy is big on humility and often opens up about getting a reality check.

The singer cleared the air on being a 'baller', saying he isn't 'rich rich' yet and has a long way to go before he achieves billionaire status.

The star replied to a fan asking about the his bank balance, saying we shouldn't get it twisted about his finances.

“I'm not 'rich rich' yet. I'm just balling! Rich Rich is when you own a jumbo jet and you hire it out to rappers like me. One day, ima be a billionaire though!” tweeted Cassper.

Tell them Cass! Hollywood is about 16,000km away, and definitely not in Braam.