Nomzamo Mbatha shares some 'gassed up' advice for her haters & Twitter loves it!

31 October 2020 - 10:00 By deepika naidoo
Actress Nomzamo Mbatha deflects hate with love.
Actress Nomzamo Mbatha deflects hate with love.
Image: Nomzamo Mbatha/Instagram

Nomzamo Mbatha had hilarious advice for her haters and Twitter is living for it!

From show-stopping outfit changes at the Miss SA 2020 pageant to starring alongside Eddie Murphy in the upcoming film Coming 2 America, Nomzamo  is making SA proud every step of the way.

When you've achieved stardom in the eyes of your adoring fans, the haters are definitely going to hate. But actress Nomzamo had a little lesson for those who expect her to clap back at all the negativity she has been experiencing.

“Throwing hate my way and expecting me to reciprocate is like farting against thunder. I can only give what I am and what I have. And that’s LOVE,” wrote Nomzamo.

Tweeps admired Nomzamo's lesson of spreading love, with many having their own pearls of wisdom for the haters.

Here are of the Nomzamo stans who can relate to their international queen:

Though the star doesn't usually pay attention to trolls, she has had to defend her honour on the TL in the past.

In 2018 after her split from ex-bae Maps Maponyane, Nomzamo clapped back at a tweep who said she had been dumped or cheated on.

“Still winning,” wrote Nomzamo.

Even Mr Buns jumped in to remedy the situation.

“Heard you just use pictures of your hairline whenever you post throwbacks. Stop trying to find your own self-worth by trying to put other people who are perfectly happy with their own lives, down; especially people you know absolutely NOTHING about. You odious bigot. Blessings,” replied Maps.