Trevor Noah pokes fun at 'undecided' Melania Trump: 'If he loses, she's just married to Donald Trump'

04 November 2020 - 14:00
By unathi nkanjeni AND Unathi Nkanjeni
Trevor Noah, host of 'The Daily Show'.
Image: Trevor Noah/Facebook Trevor Noah, host of 'The Daily Show'.

While the rest of the world waits anxiously to find out who will be the next elected president of the US, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah poked fun at the current first lady Melania Trump.

In a video clip on Twitter, Trevor weighed in on a MSNBC News report, where Melania could be seen walking on the streets of Palm Beach, Florida, after casting her vote.

“We just saw first lady Melania Trump at the polling site in West Palm Beach, Florida. She just finished casting her ballot, one would assume for her husband, in one of three crucial battleground states,” the MSNBC News reporter said.

Weighing in on the report, Trevor said Melania was the only first lady where people could only assume that she voted for her husband, without knowing for sure.

“She could have voted early but instead she waited for Election Day like, 'I am an undecided voter,'” said Trevor.

Trevor imitated what the first lady would have possibly sounded like when she told US President Donald Trump that she was going to cast her ballot.

Trevor also joked that he thought the first lady voted for her husband, saying if Trump wins again “Melania will be married to the president of the United States”. 

“If he loses, she's just married to Donald Trump. That sucks,” said Trevor.

Watch the full clip below.  

This year's US elections are said to be the most polarised in decades.

President Trump is going head-to-head with Democratic challenger Joe Biden. To be elected president, the winner needs 270 electoral college votes.

According to Reuters, due to a surge in mail voting amid the coronavirus pandemic — as well as the states' varying rules for when ballots can be counted — the final results for all the states are expected to take days to be revealed.