IN MEMES | Twitter shook by Tumi of 'The River' wanting to mourn Lindani after she cheated

11 November 2020 - 18:00 By chrizelda kekana
Tumi's tears for Lindani are leaving fans of 'The River' confused.
Tumi's tears for Lindani are leaving fans of 'The River' confused.
Image: Supplied/ The River

The River's current storyline, which involves Tumi switching off the life-support machines keeping her estranged husband Lindani alive without informing or inviting his family, has left Twitter split. 

While most people have shamelessly sided with the makoti when issues relating to her husband's well being or his funeral were concerned, Tumi's case has proved itself to be quite tricky for viewers of the telenovela.

Knowing that Tumi not only cheated on Lindani with his cousin Mabutho but that Lindani may have died so Tumi's secret could be protected, fans feel she had no right to be there in Lindani's last moments, let alone be the one to switch off the life-support machines.

Fans of the telenovela found themselves siding with an angry Zodwa (Lindani's mother played by Winnie Ntshaba) and Lindani's family, who were infuriated by Tumi's actions and went as far as calling her a murderer.

No matter how genuine Tumi's pain looked, tweeps failed to feel for her. One even went as far as writing a young list of why Tumi's tears meant nothing to her as a fan of The River.

“Tumi is playing the victim:

1. She cheated on him.

2. She divorced him.

3. She married his cousin.

4. She was the cause of his death.”

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