IN MEMES | Two snakes & a monkey? Gogo Maweni’s choice of 'pets' leaves fans shook!

12 November 2020 - 13:00
Gogo Maweni of Izangoma Zodumo fame keeps leaving viewers shocked.
Gogo Maweni of Izangoma Zodumo fame keeps leaving viewers shocked.
Image: Instagram/Champagne_Mommy

Gogo Maweni of Izangoma Zodumo fame left fans of the show shook this week after making the latest episode all about her two snakes and monkey!

While pet snakes have been a top topic this week owing to claims made by author Jackie Phamotse about their “wealth-giving” abilities when mixed with the right muthi, Gogo Maweni's snakes trended from the very beginning of the controversial sangoma show.

Her two snakes, Kaddafi and Zara have hogged the spotlight for weeks now and this week she showcased another “member” of her family ... a monkey.

Talking to TshisaLIVE in a previous interview, Gogo Maweni made it clear that she's just an animal lover at heart. She explained that her love for animals stems from the knowledge that animals are not malicious by nature.

“I love animals, most importantly. I always say, people usually get me wrong when I say that I respect animals more than I respect people. It's because animals will never hurt you (intentionally) but humans will and that's the truth. Animals will not disrespect you or do anything to hurt you ... instead they are very afraid of humans, more than humans are afraid of them,” she explained.

In addition to hoping that the “creepy” snakes could be blurred out, fans of the show weren't impressed by the monkey they met in the latest episode. Many of them asked if Maweni wanted to open a zoo, because they failed to understand her love for having “odd” animals as pets.

Check out the reactions below:

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