Bonang teaches her fans how to deal with haters: Ignore the mess darling!

Basically sis said, “there's no need to interact with people that are not on our level”

14 November 2020 - 14:00
Bonang Matheba during the House of BNG Nectar celebration at Rockets Menlyn in Pretoria.
Bonang Matheba during the House of BNG Nectar celebration at Rockets Menlyn in Pretoria.
Image: Oupa Bopape/Gallo Images

Media personality Bonang Matheba had some advice for her fans in the B-Force about dealing with the online bullying and she basically told them to ignore haters because “we have bigger fish to fry darling!”

As one of SA's most beloved media personalities, Queen B has fans and lovers from all around the world who come together - mostly virtually - to share their love for her over a flute of her House of BNG champopo.

However, the star isn't free from the haters who are always trying to tear her down, especially in her best moments. Recently, having just released her latest sparkling wine in a can innovation, BNG Nectar, the trolls came with a barrage of hate.

After a peep claimed that Bonang lets her fans drink cheap bubbly while she drinks top of the range champagne, a member of the B-Force said the fandom needs to combat the hate.

But Queen B didn't feel that her army should come out guns blazing. Taking to Twitter, the star replied to one of her fans, reminding him that there are better things to focus on.

“Lol! We have better things to do ... ignore mess darling,” wrote Bonang.

When the star took to social media to announce the release of her latest white and rose sparkling wine canned drinks, Twitter trolls had her trending since they didn't believe she owned House of BNG.

Bonang treated the situation like water off a duck's back and laughed about all the attention. In a reply to a tweet from a hater, the star found the whole thing to be blown way out of proportion.

“You guys have completely lost your minds!” she said.